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Holidays in Georgia

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The hospitable Georgia invites tourists to barbecue and Kinzmarauli with long-standing speeches, invites to a beach holiday in blooming Batumi and treatment in Borjomi.

Information about Georgia

You can talk endlessly about the luxury of Georgia, and it is impossible to find out about this country in one trip, except just to get acquainted. One can only plan out a dozen trips, each time discovering new facets of this ancient and soulful land.

There are not many big cities here: “warm spring” – Tbilisi with its cathedrals, theaters, sulfur baths, cozy streets and barbecues, ancient Kutaisi – the capital of the Kolkhid kingdom, Batumi – a southern cocktail of ancient buildings and a modern seaside resort, and also Gore, Zugdidi, Poti. And all the villages that carry a part of history and are surrounded by stunning landscapes.

You can allocate a specific region for each trip, so that you do not get scattered and have time to get the most, without fuss and haste. Adjara is famous for its relict forests, beaches of the warm Black Sea and subtropical climate, Mtskheta – for its spirituality and holy sites of pilgrimage. In Kakheti, the “city of love” Sighnaghi  is waiting for you, ancient fortresses and endless vineyards, here it is worth visiting for the holiday of Rtveli. Guria is interesting for temples made of black stone and the black sands of Ureka. Come to the mountain Svaneti – the country of thousands towers and list them personally during a fascinating hike. Truly every part of Georgia is worth a separate trip!

Adepts of skiing and snowboarding will find great slopes here for the desperate free ride and heli-ski – Bakuriani, Gudauri, Upper Svaneti and Goderdzi. The climate allows skiing in Georgia from November to May.

Also Georgia is about 2,000 sources of healing mineral and thermal waters, healing mud, magical sands that can save a person from many ailments, fresh mountain, forest and sea air. The world-famous Borjomi resort, which restores the former grandeur of Tschaltubo, Akhtala, Shovi, Sairme and other balneological and alpine resorts in the country, will help to treat various diseases and restore the immunity of the traveler.

Housing in Georgia

Stories about the fact that everything is bad for travelers in Georgia have lost their relevance. The country, long known for its hospitality, is actively developing the tourism industry, in cities and villages are constantly emerging new opportunities for convenient accommodation. In the capital of Georgia, a room in a hostel or mini-hotel costs 8-40 GEL, a room in a three-star hotel will cost from 50-100 GEL. There are a good selection of premium suites and suites in international hotel chains with a price tag of 460-650 GEL, you can also rent a luxury 5 bedroom villa overlooking the garden for 10,000 GEL per day. In Batumi and Kutaisi it is easier to find more affordable housing, prices start at 10 GEL, otherwise the situation is similar, however, in Kutaisi with premium class things are worse.

In these 3 big cities there are under 2.5 thousand different hotels, apartments and hostels, then in rural areas, official hotels are still a rarity. But in almost every village there are guest houses where the traveler will be taken to settle for a moderate fee and feed.

There should be no problems in finding accommodation in seaside resorts, for example in small Ureka there are fifty options from 20 GEL to 300 GEL. If you do not find an interesting option on the Internet, then take a walk through the streets and pick a room up to your taste and purse right on the spot.

Kitchens and restaurants

Georgian cuisine is that rare occasion when it is better to start with wine and fine toast, not dishes. As Georgians say, a more or less decent feast should include at least 20 praise words on a wide variety of topics – from the health of parents to the notorious coincidence of desires and opportunities. Meals, where the number of toast does not reach 20, are not taken seriously and are characterized as “little dinner”. Generally, the incredible hospitality and friendliness of the locals, the atmosphere of respect and love that prevails at the table, is already half the taste of the dishes. The other half – the freshest foods and hearty portions.

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Transfer to and travel across Georgia

Getting to Georgia

SkyUp Airlines and UIA fly directly from Kiev to Tbilisi, the cheapest tickets are USD 220-240 both ways, about 3 hours away. From Odessa with a change in Istanbul fly “Turkish Airlines”, with a price tag of 350 USD and a duration of 5 hours.

Traveling around Georgia

You can move around the country on minibuses, buses, trains and planes.


The most popular vehicles are buses and shuttles that connect virtually all settlements of Georgia. Georgian minibuses are called “samarshruto” (although locals more often refer to them as the usual “minibus”), their location is near the city station or market. The destination is usually indicated on the windshield (often in Georgian), so it makes sense to ask drivers to put you in the right car. However, drivers call passengers with a true Kartveli passion, so that without attention and help you will definitely not be left behind. The shuttle bus departs as soon as all the seats are filled, so it is better to travel in the morning – in the evening there is a risk of waiting for other passengers for a long time, or even not leaving at all.


Buses run on a regular schedule, preferably from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, the fare is a little lower than in the taxis. For a trip from Kutaisi to Tbilisi, get ready to pay about 20 GEL, a ticket for a shuttle bus from Tbilisi to Batumi or Svaneti will cost about 20 GEL.

Train and plane

With  Georgian Railway you can go from the capital to Ozurgeti (10 hours), Kutaisi (6 hours), Zugdidi (8.5 hours), Gori (1 hour), Poti (5.5 hours) and other cities of the country. Georgian Airways operates daily flights between Tbilisi and Batumi, with 40 minutes flight time. Besides, flights from Svaneti to Mestia depart from Natakhtari airport (which is near the capital).

Public transport

Traveling by bus (small money required for a vending machine or special card) costs 0.5 GEL, in minibuses – 0.8 GEL; pay immediately, otherwise there may be problems with the controllers and the police. 1 metro trip will cost 0.5 GEL, to take a cable car or cable ride – 2 GEL (you will also need an electronic card for 3 GEL per group).

By subway, it is convenient to move between Ortachal, Didube and the railway station of the capital. There is a need to arrange the payment for taxi services: only a few cars have meters (at least 3 GEL, as a rule).

Car rent

Renting a car in Georgia will require international driving license and a credit card. Traffic rules are standard, most pointers are in Georgian and English. Renting a car is quite expensive: for the base model you will pay from $ 80 per day, but insurance not always included in the price.

Alternatively, you can negotiate with a taxi driver to “buy” his services for a day – it will not only cost less, but also save a lot of effort and nerves on Georgian roads.

Useful things

Nearby cities

Rustavi (21.14km)
Gori (66.14km)
Ts’khinvali (91.10km)
Step’anavan (86.72km)


Georgian Lari, ლ

Time zone


Average coffee price

4.20 GEL

Average dish price

15.00 GEL

Phone code


Популярные туристические места в Грузии


Abanotubani is a unique area of sulfur baths in the center of Tbilisi. Here you can see the neat domes almost at ground level and, most importantly, experience the healing effect of natural sulfur sources. The first baths appeared here in the 16th century. However, according to legend, the city owes it to the sources ("tbili" is warm in Georgian, as well as the springs).

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Anchishati - Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary - the oldest building in Tbilisi from the preserved ones to the present day. The church was built in the 6th century. after the transfer of the Georgian capital to Tbilisi in the basilica-style widespread in those days. The temple can not boast of exquisite decoration - rather very simple in processing, but his "experience" - more than 1500 years!

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Narikala Fortress

Narikala Fortress or Impregnable is the "soul and heart of Tbilisi", the most famous and ancient monument of antiquity. It rises on the ridge of Mtatsminda Mountain, offering stunning views of the city. The emergence of this citadel is attributed to the IV century BC. In the XIX century, the lower bastions of the fortress were demolished, and the earthquake of 1827 destroyed the fortress, which has not been restored since.

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Built high on a cliff of the same name on the banks of the Kura River, Metekhi is one of the oldest human settlements in Georgia. Metekhi Castle - the ancient citadel and residence of the Georgian kings, which gave the name of the district of the city, literally translates from the local dialect as "neighborhood of the palace".

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Metekhi Temple of Our Lady

Metekhi Temple of Our Ladyon the Metekhi Rock near the eponymous bridge is a grand temple in the heart of Old Tbilisi, built in the 12th century. Many times it was destroyed and rebuilt, and it came down to us made of 17th century brick. According to legend, it was in this temple that Queen Tamar prayed.

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Freedom Square in Tbilisi

The end point of Rustaveli Avenue, despite its modest size, Liberty Square is invariably an arena of political battles. In the middle of the square stands a column of suspected small gilded Saint George by Zurab Tsereteli. In addition to Rustaveli Avenue, there are no less interesting streets of the Old Town - Leonidze str. Leselidze str. and Tabidze str.

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Rustaveli Avenue

Shady sycamore trees were planted on both sides of the wide and beautiful Shota Rustaveli Avenue, about 1.5 km long. The Georgian Parliament, the National Museum, the 5* Marriott Hotel, the Academy of Sciences, the Opera and Ballet Theater, other museums, theaters, hotels, as well as many cafes, restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops are located here.

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Zion Cathedral

Zion or Zion Cathedral is historically the main temple of Tbilisi, named after the Mount of Zion and consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Located on the banks of the Kura River in Old Tbilisi. It was built by order of the Byzantine lord Guram I in the 6th century, but destroyed by the Arabs. In the 12 century David IV The Builder built here a new temple, which has since been repeatedly damaged and rebuilt.

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Tbilisi Botanical Garden

The Tbilisi Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the Georgian capital, south of the Sololaki ridge, in the valley of the Cavkisistskali River. Like many landmarks, it dates back to the late 19th century, when the royal garden was destroyed here. During the existence of this artificial reserve, the garden area has increased to 128 hectares.

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Tbilisi cable car

The Tbilisi cable car leads from the center of Tbilisi to the upper park of Mount Mtatsminda (Mount St. David). It was built by the Belgians in 1905 and is known far beyond the city. Even the mention of the cable car in "Twelve Chairs" by Ilf and Petrov speaks of popularity. The Amusement Park and the open-air restaurant at its stations have long become a favorite for tourists and residents.

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Adjara Art Museum

The State Ajarian Art Museum is a landmark that allows you to quickly (the size of the exposition is not very large), but to get acquainted with the treasures of the new Georgian culture in great detail, without breaking away from the beach vacation.

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Batumi Fountains

The pride of Batumi is a magnificent French fountain, recognized as one of the best in Europe. Bright lights, beautiful music and whimsical patterns create a wonderful illusion of "water dance". "It is neither a fairy tale to say nor a pen to describe," they say of this eighth wonder of the world.

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Batumi Botanical Garden

The Batumi Botanical Garden, located on the Black Sea coast of Adjara, is one of the largest and richest establishments of its kind in Europe. It is 9 km from Batumi, in the village of Mtswane-Konzhi. Today, there are more than 5,000 species of plants previously studied by the Academy of Sciences.

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Batumi Cathedral

The main Batumi Cathedral is made of white stone, which can change color depending on the weather, has 3 domes. The interior is decorated with red brick, gold and blue ornament, characteristic of the Gothic style.

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Horta Jamie Mosque

Batumi has a rich history of relations with Turkey - for over 500 years it was an Ottoman, and therefore a Muslim city. It may be reasoned that a large number of mosques have been preserved here.

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Batumi embankment

Perhaps Batumi's oldest sight is its embankment. Construction of the seaside boulevard began in 1881, when the mayor instructed a German reseller gardener to make a park along the Old Town coast.

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Square of Europe in Batumi

Located in the heart of the Ajarian capital, Europe's square is surrounded by many buildings of a rather strange architectural style. In general, open space has existed here before, unlike the modern name.

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Alazan Valley

Talk about Georgia sooner or later will inevitably boil down to wine considerations. It turned out that this drink became the main symbol of the Transcaucasian country. It is difficult to imagine how things would have turned out if nature had not presented a precious gift to the Georgian region of Kakheti.

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The surroundings of the hill on which the Bochorma Fortress is located are not particularly appreciated by tourists because of its remoteness. But if possible, it is still worth a visit to the remains of this ancient city. Due to its seclusion and dry climate, its sights are not bad.

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Petriaant Marani Winery

Whatever the technology of large and famous wineries, connoisseurs still prefer Georgian wines produced in the great-grandparents' wineries, aged in ceramic jugs of kvevry along with the mezga - berries seeds and peels.

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Gruzvinprom Winery in Gurjaan

The Gruzvinprom enterprise was founded in 1929 and brought together 10 wineries scattered throughout Kakheti. In 2015, it was bought out by the international firm Bolero & Company. The new owner has made a major investment in manufacturing, upgraded equipment.

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Johnny Okruashvili's winery in Sighnaghi

Johnny Okruashvili's winery in Sighnaghi is better known as Okro's Wines. The wine is made exclusively by ancient Georgian technology. Raw materials for him are the grapes from his own vineyards in the surrounding villages of Tibaani, Manavi, Sviri, Nukriani.

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Bodbe Monastery

Majestic, formidable, beautiful and gentle as Georgia itself is filled with holy places. Every corner of this beautiful country boasts a light and quiet abode, an ancient temple, its saints and the righteous.

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Mirza Riza Khan House

In the heart of the beautiful city of Borjomi, anyone who was fortunate enough to visit this fertile land saw a magnificent mansion that impressed with its lightness, elegance and unusual appearance.

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Lican Palace

Not far from the more famous but still relatively small town of Borjomi, there are many attractions. It is difficult and foolish to compare all these wonderful places, which are both man-made and non-man-made wonders.

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The cable car in Borjomi

The cable car in Borjomi was built in the 60's of the 20th century. It is interesting that the booths plying the route, with their appearance and specific design, immediately resemble the famous label on a bottle of Borjomi mineral water.

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Peter's Fortress

It seems quite strange that in today's post-industrial, cold-digital time, places in some corners of our planet have survived places that are remembered by great warriors and politicians, poets and historians. One such place is the ancient Peter fortress located in Georgia.

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Borjomi-Haragauli National Park

Georgia is a wonderfully picturesque country: the land of ancient fortresses and monasteries, small mountain villages and luxurious resorts. Yet, one of its main pearls is its beautiful and unique nature.

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Suramsky Pass

The Caucasus Mountains seem very high and inaccessible to us, but this is not always the case. For example, one of the most beautiful corners of Georgia is the Suramsky Pass, which sinks among the green mountains through which railways and highways pass.

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