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Travel across Seychelles

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Seychelles – is a paradise lost and found in the heart of the Indian Ocean: 115 wonderful islands, of which only 30 are inhabited. The beaches are wonderful: whitesanded, wide and secluded, the hotels also match the paradise.

Information about Seychelles

Wedding destination – it is in this category the Seychelles are invariably in foreign guides: all year long happy newlyweds fly in its idyllic landscapes. Seychelles offers a very rare commodity in the current world of concern – absolute peace, solitude and a measured rhythm of life – in short, ideal conditions for beginning a life together. Paradise corners, let’s just say, are not cheap, on the other hand – the wedding is also once in a lifetime … at least, few people already plan their next wedding during the honeymoon.

Another category of tourists here – people in love with the sea: there are many beautiful dive sites around the archipelago, and the coast of its 115 islands are washed by the waves for any surfer’s taste. In addition, lovers of marine fishing, yachting and exclusive beach holidays come here without any frills.

Seychelles hotels

Hotels in Seychelles do not have an official classification, the tour operators evaluate them by assigning a conventional 3, 4 or 5 stars. The hotel chain covers all major islands, and small bungalows of varying degrees of comfort accommodate tourists on small coral islands. At the same time, even small hotels and loggias are guaranteed to provide a service that meets all world standards.

240 V mains voltage, three-square-plate British standard plug is used.

Families with children often choose hotels in Mahe: the beaches here are equipped with coral reefs, protected from the waves. For lovers of a relaxing holiday, we recommend Praslin and La Digue: these places are quiet, beautiful, there are all conditions for diving and snorkeling. Honeymooners are ideal for for honeymoons: secluded, comfortable bungalows are nothing but romantic.

The most affordable option is guesthouses and apartments: in Victoria, this property can be rented for SCR 2235 per day. Room for two in the capital hotel 3* will cost from 1800 SCR, in a magnificent 5* – from 3700 SCR per day. Double occupancy at the Praslin Guesthouse – from SCR 1200, in a luxury lodge – from SCR 3000 per night. Accommodation in 2* in La Diguee – from 1600 SCR, in a three-storey villa with private pool – 10 000-13 000 SCR per day. A carefree vacation on the most famous island-hotel Frigate will make the purse lighter for the sum of 50 000 SCR (if, of course, if one day in paradise will be enough).

Seychelles cuisine and restaurants

Local cuisine was formed according to traditional recipes of the islanders, but under the strong influence of European, especially French, culinary traditions, and with a noticeable Indian bias. The basis of local Creole cuisine is seafood, rice, coconuts and curries, and the most popular dish is puason ek-diri (fish with rice). It is also worth trying the seafood soup “tech-tech”, bat stew (brrr!), breadfruit stews, stewed in French style bananas “sen-jac”, banana pudding and coconuts “kak-kat”.

Creole cuisine is based on seafood, rice, coconuts and curries.

In the surrounding waters of the Seychelles, there are 1000 species of fish (and not just fish), so it is simply impossible to imagine a Creole table without seafood. Particularly popular are baked bourgeois fish, small truffle crabs, langoustines in lemon sauce, octopus curry in vegetables, crab-giraffe in coconut curry, and octopus in coconut curry.

The cheapest way to eat is in small cafes with national cuisine, Indian restaurants and pizzerias: a full meal will cost 150-300 SCR per person. Another budget option is street food on the beaches: a portion of grilled fish or octopus salad in a plastic container costs 60 SCR. For dinner at a fancy restaurant overlooking the ocean you will pay from 500 SCR per person.

Typical local beverages – beer, fermented coconut juice, strong enough “baka” – fermented sugar cane juice, as well as lemon mint tincture “dite zitronel”. In addition, the islands bring first-class South African and French wines. Tea (black or vanilla) has been consumed extensively, and coffee imported from Ethiopia, Colombia and Yemen has recently become fashionable.

Most restaurants accept orders only before 10pm, after which guests eat what they have ordered and only can take more drinks. And most often during this time, the dining rooms are simply closed. Till late night, only the bars are open.

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Transfer and travel across Seychelles

How to Get to Seychelles

There are no direct flights to Seychelles from Ukraine. The most comfortable and the best on transfers flights are made through the countries of Europe, and the most economical flight is a flight through the Emirates.

Departures are made daily. Major airlines that offer flights to Seychelles:

UIA / Fly Dubai + Emirates
UIA + Austrian Airlines
UIA + Air france

The cost of the flight depends on the airline, departure dates and the period for which you book the flight.

The flight to Seychelles takes about 10 hours.

Estimated cost of a flight to Seychelles is starting from 1200$ (if you book your flight 3-4 months before the departure date).

Travel across Seychelles


Seychelles is an island nation located on 115 islands of the archipelago, 33 of which are inhabited. The most convenient way to travel between them is with Air Seychelles flights. For example, a flight from Mahe to Praslin takes 20 minutes and costs from SCR 710 one way. Zil Air Company offers helicopter excursions, sightseeing tours and individual VIP transfers between islands, and other carriers have similar services. You can get from Pointe Larry Airport to Praslin and La Digue for 1600-2800 SCR, admire the surrounding area from above – for 7500-38 000 SCR.


In addition, the connection between the islands, even the most remote, is ensured by numerous ferries and schooners. Tickets are sold on board and cost around 90 SCR for one way travel.


Seychelles bus network is also well developed. The regular passenger service is established on Mahe and Praslin: the transport of the carrier SPTC runs from 5:30 to 20:30 (to Praslin – to 18:20) with an interval of 15 minutes to 1 hour. A full day ticket costs 7 SCR, on the last evening itinerary – 15 SCR. There are minibuses between the airport and Victoria, the cost of transfers is 3-5 SCR.

Rent of transport


Renting a car will require international or national driving licenses. The driver must be at least 22 years old and have a driving experience of at least three years.

If you are already taking a car on Seychelles, then rent any kind of jeep: it is best suited for local roads. The maximum speed in the city – 45 km/h, outside the settlements – 65 km/h and only on the highway leading to the airport, it is allowed to accelerate to a crazy 80 km/h.

On the last Saturday of each month, people from all over Mae come to Victoria to spend their just-received paycheck. Therefore, pandemonium these days is simply stunning (by local, of course, standards) – both on the sidewalks and on the roads. And it is almost impossible to find parking in the city center these days.

There are only 6 petrol stations on the whole island of Mahe. And in Praslin there are less of them – two.


In addition, the islands have many bicycle rental offices – perhaps the most convenient vehicle in island conditions. However, the two-wheeled friends themselves are often just not enough for everyone.


There are even taxis in Praslin and Mahe: comfortable cars equipped with counters. The first km of the trip costs 15-20 SCR, each subsequent – 5 SCR (luggage is charged extra: 5 SCR per suitcase). Airport transfers to Victoria take SCR 100 per day and SCR 150 per night.

Useful things

Nearby cities

Anse Boileau (2.86km)
Bel Ombre (10.71km)
Beau Vallon (9.44km)
Cascade (3.77km)


Seychellois rupee, ₨

Near countries

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Average coffee price

57.55 ₨

Average dish price

250 ₨

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The most beautiful places on Seychelles

The capital of Seychelles Victoria

Victoria - town, littered with Creole restaurants, colorful shops, fruit alleys. Houses with openwork terraces and balconies breathe a tranquil tranquility. Walking along the main avenue of Marquette Street, planted with coconut trees, will lead to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The clock tower that adorns the central square is a mini-copy of the tower clock of the London Vauxhall Bridge.

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It's not just an island, it's a natural playground for 68 beaches! There are many lovely bays on Mahe: Kashe, Koralova, Karan Beach, Sunny, Major, Anse-Nord-East, Risova and many others. But recently, tourists are trying to get to the deserted coast of the Anse-Suyak Bay or the quiet beaches of Anse-la-Mosh and Anse Forbes. One of the most famous local beaches is Bo Wallon in the south of the island.

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We say Praslin, but we mean Paradise Garden. What is the name of the island where the unique Vale de Me National Park (May Valley) is located, the natural home of 7,000 palm trees and a rare black parrot? Not to mention the endless landscapes of the Côte-d'Or, Wolber, Consolazon areas, St Anne's Bay, St Mary's Cape, Lazio Bay and others.

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La Digue

This island takes you a couple of hundred years ago. It is enough to take a stroll on its cleanest spacious beaches, forest shrubs, ride in a real gross sled. The standard of untouched tropical nature is the bay of Sourses d'Argain and Cape Tourette. The island's capital, La Paz, is built with old Creole wooden houses. 4 km from La Digue, the island of Felice ("bliss"), generously covered with lush vegetation.

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Arid Island Reserve

Another popular attraction in Seychelles. Numerous marine bird species nest on the island. And yet there are many lizards (there are no poisonous ones). Arid is the only place in the world where you will find Wright's gardenia and lemon tree.

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Curieuse Island

Five hundred of giant tortoises land here and lay their eggs. And feathered residents strive to lay eggs directly in the middle of the trail, so you need to look carefully under your feet. The island is under the protection of the International Committee for the Protection of Birds.

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Bird Island

Another bird port. Many species of birds live here, the most famous of which are black terns, of which 1.5 million are here. And the island has been inhabited by the turtle Esmeralda for more than a century.

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